“one contact” principle

We are attending on saving time of our customers, so you will be rendered the whole range of services in one place.

modern wms, tos management systems

Warehouse and container management systems take into account all market requirements currently applied for today’s market.

multi-temperature class a+ warehouse

We are rendering services for the storage of products in areas with special temperature conditions, there are 19 holding rooms:  a refrigeration area from 0 to + 5C, warehouse-freezer area – up to 24C, special cells for storing vegetables and fruits, including exotic ones, as well as unique zones with a controlled gas environment (RGE – Fruit Control (Italy)). Automatic drying wall Agrovent (Holland)

high quality of services

The main objective of our activities is to ensure continuous growth in the quality of services rendered, guarantee competitive prices thus meeting the customer’s demanding needs and expectations.

Over 10
thousand m2 of total area
  • — Assembly of prefabricated orders (in pallets, boxes, as a single-piece).
  • — Production of sets and gift sets.
  • — Pre-sale preparation, manufacture and application of stickers.
  • — Sorting, repacking, labeling.
  • — Inventory.
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4 ha of total area
  • — Loading and unloading of all types of containers from / to railway platforms.
  • — Storage of containers of all types.
  • — Sorting containers – grouping containers onto fitting platforms, depending on their application
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Own fleet
  • — Road transportation (without/with temperature regime), including consolidated ones.
  • — Railroad transportation (without/with temperature regime).
  • — Containerized cargo transportation (with/without temperature control).
  • Customs clearance.
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From strategy
to internal logistics

Complex and most flexible operational processes solutions:

  • — Work on the end-to-end principle.
  • — Timely delivery of goods according to the approved schedule.
  • — Round-the-clock order picking system.
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Import of goods without risk and headache

There are customs checkpoints and TSW and Customs Warehouse areas within the territory of TLH. Convenient location within the territory of the Central Customs Clearance Center (Center for Customs Clearance) and the “one contact” principle ensures that all customs clearance procedures are completed as efficiently as possible.

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about us

The Shymkent Transport and Logistics Hub provides a full range of logistics services for safekeeping with various temperature conditions, including the acceptance, picking of orders and shipment of goods of the Customers’ companies, as well as additional services related to the supply, cleaning and unloading of railway cars and multi-tonnage containers, customs clearance, sorting of wastes, inventory and other services.

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