Custom services TSW

Nowadays it’s very difficult to imagine our life without imported goods. Thy are delivered with crossing of the state borders, which means that they are associated with the implementation of certain border and customs formalities.

TLH offers the best solution for all your problems!

There are customs checkpoints and TSW and Customs Warehouse areas within the territory of TLH. Convenient location within the territory of the Central Customs Clearance Center (Center for Customs Clearance) and the “one contact” principle ensures that all customs clearance procedures are completed as efficiently as possible.

What is the customs clearance procedure at our TLH?

Representative of TOO or small business owner cannot carry out customs clearance of the goods. Therefore to carry out this procedure they often hire the customs representative (agent) acting as an intermediary between the interested person and the customs service. The owner of the cargo arriving on the railroad tracks is notified by the railway station representatives, the customer’s representative performs the accompanying documents credit clearance at the cash desk located in the administrative building of the TLH and is registered at the TSW. The customs officer assigned to the TLH shall issue a notification to the customer and, if necessary, carries out customs inspection together with the quarantine inspector and the TSW officer. Upon receipt of a declaration for the release of goods issued by the CCC, the Customer may pick up the goods from the territory of the TLH. The TLH is equipped with highly efficient lifting equipment, facilitating the process of cargo loading and unloading. The TSW  total area is amounted to 4,685 m2, 5,400 of storage racks. In the nearest future the TLH is planning to launch climatic holding rooms when storing at the temporary storage warehouses.