Freight services

Own fleet availability allows us rendering a full range of freight services:

  • Road transportation (without/with temperature regime), including consolidated ones;
  • Railroad transportation (without/with temperature regime);
  • Containerized cargo transportation (with/without temperature control);
  • Making an order to the manufacturer’s address specifying the need, the shipment readiness period and delivery time to points of destination;
  • Preparation and development of shipping documentation and permits;
  • Organization of target-oriented delivery of goods around the globe;
  • Possibility of cargo distribution across several points of destination;
  • Customs clearance.

Additional services:

  • Complex and efficient solutions for cargo delivery;
  • Cargo delivery processes scheduling in Kazakhstan;
  • Calculation and control of timely delivery at the place of loading/unloading;
  • Cargo insurance (upon the Customer’s request);
  • Security escort of goods in transit (upon the Customer’s request);