Warehousing Services

  • Bailment (1C-based automated WMS-system with the possibility to account for serial numbers and expiration dates)
  • Unloading / loading operations of any vehicles (motor and railway)
    • Loading and unloading equipment, Still stackers, 85 units.
  • Targeted placement and storage of products according to the required conditions (product vicinity and temperature conditions)
  • Cross-docking (acceptance and shipment of goods directly through the warehouse, without placement in the warehouse space)
    • Combined order batching (on pallets, in boxes, by piece)
    • Production of kits and gift sets
    • Pre-sale preparation, production, and application of stickers
    • Sorting, repacking, and marking
    • Inventory
    • Disposal of rejects

Guarded envelop, territory, and facilities of the complex equipped with video surveillance systems and fire safety systems.


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